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Most homeowners who call for a flat roof claim to have it replaced or repaired several times and are tired of messing with it. What can we do to fix it?

The fact is, if the right roofing materials are used and installed properly, your flat roof will never cause you any trouble! Get in touch with us when you need flat roof repair and replacement services.

Information on Flat- and Low-Slope Roofing

Every flat roof is different. Some low-slope roof may require EPDM or rubber membrane, which is the most popular style of flat roofs. These can be installed when the temperature is around 40 degrees or above and can last up to 20 years when installed correctly.

This style of roof is fully adhered and will have no exposed fasteners. Larger roofs will require seams that are adhered together with splice adhesive and double-sided tape. When done properly, you won't even know it has been pieced together.

Don't be scared of installing an EPDM rubber membrane anymore. Most roofs carries a labor warranty for your peace of mind. Another style of low-slope roofing is a self-adhered roofing system. Owens Corning offers their deck seal for residential low slow applications. 

Deck seal roofing membranes deliver a premium, durable system for many challenging low-slope areas. It's safe, unlike the previous granulated products that require an open flame to adhere the product.

It's also available in six attractive colors to closely match your shingle or exterior of your home. Backed by the industry’s leading provider of roofing products, Owens Corning has proved to work for your peace of mind.
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